About Us

Hooran Company

Was established in 2008.This company is a leader in the design and manufacturing all types of multi chargers. Various models have been designed for different places and spaces. These devices are not copied.

This multi charger enables to recharge several mobile phones & tablets at the same time. The system automatically stops recharge and is equipped with interchangeable connectors. The device has been designed so that the voltage can be AC 110-240 volt power supply, which is applicable in all countries of the world and ensures the safety of the power fluctuations.

The connectors used in this devices have resistant alloy for continuous operation. On these connectors, the durability test more than 15,000 times in a short time span and brightness testing has been done.

Output cables are of great quality and the coverage is quite strong production and therefore guarantees continuous operation.

Devices in several desktop models , wall mount , stand and kiosk is available.

The location of mobile, in addition to its elegant design and compact size, the possibility for the user to view the cell phones.

These products have a wide market. Rooms and hotel lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, offices, clinics, shopping centers, homes, public buildings, schools, Training centers, travel terminals, airports, and other relief groups, including target market sale.

Hooran means: like the sun,Infinite source of energy.


Our Team

A set of designers and craftsmen, which will lead to new ideas. Our outstanding ability is in design and production. Participation in industrial projects with other company has been able to guarantee the qualitative features and exclusive products in this group. We do not believe to harvest information from other designs.

All products are monopoly.